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Today is the last day to put in your nominations for Member of the Month for this next round. Send some love to the writer, commenter, & artist that's touched you
May 25, 2024 07:21am

@Smskisses heart
May 24, 2024 11:42pm

partyHappy birthday to amylase & to Stephaniem191! Wishing a perfect day with perfect people & gifts leading to the best memories yet. May this year bring contentment, genuine love & accomplishment.
May 24, 2024 11:12pm

Thank you!
May 24, 2024 05:46am

partyHappy birthday to Herself, Sithstalker, TheMadCheshire, & Ariel Schnee! Hoping each of you have the best day of your life on your special day. Warm memories made, all you love there, gifts you really want. May this year bring success, joy, love, contentment always.
May 24, 2024 01:32am

Thank you to LovingWilliam who put the idea on my head!
May 23, 2024 11:37pm

I just issued a challenge! smile Everybody clap lol
May 23, 2024 11:31pm

Nevermind, I deleted it. It was too long and scatterbrained. lol
May 23, 2024 11:17pm

weallhavedemons - I don't remember specific purring, but he definitely growls at Andrew in "Touched" when they're stuck in the mission, waiting for the sun to set.
May 23, 2024 08:25pm

I just issued my first challenge! It's long, (sorry) but I feel would be a really great story for any authors that are comfortable writing William and comedy. I hope you will check it out and I'm excited that it may become a real story here on E.F. someday. Thank you! heart
May 23, 2024 08:23pm

The Danish Bird
Thank you, Sig. love I am so glad you’re in mine too!
May 23, 2024 07:11pm

Happy happy to geana, kayrivers28, and especially my friend The Danish Bird! You're a gift, Ditte, and I'm so glad you're in my life!
May 23, 2024 04:12pm

Re purrs: My opinion is that the purr ( I think there were several), other sounds, eye flashes, panther crawl and other Spike characteristics were created by JM, not scripted. Someone could ask him. "Rowwwrrr" sounds are used to express attraction/hotness and conflict/cattiness in BTVS and RL.
May 23, 2024 11:41am

Does anyone remember a fic that was told from the POV of a woman who waits tables, possibly at the Espresso Pump, who watched the relationship evolve between Buffy and Spike? She interacts with them, warning Buffy about Spike, and diverges from canon. It may have been writtten while the show aired.
May 23, 2024 11:25am

The Danish Bird
Thank you for the birthday wishes, @Pfeifferpack. love
And Happy Birthday to the other birthday members cheers

May 23, 2024 10:35am

partyHappy birthday to Geana, The Danish Bird, & Kayrivers28 ! Hoping your special day brings every person & gift you most want & that every memory is cherished. May you have a year of success, blessings, contentment & joy.
May 22, 2024 11:18pm

@weallhavedemons There's a sort of purr/growl sound when he sees Drusilla in School Hard, but it's not established that it's a catlike purr.
May 22, 2024 06:54pm

Total fanon, weallhavedemons!
May 22, 2024 05:22pm

Got a notification that a member nominated me for commenter of the month. Thank you so much! I haven’t been a member very long and that really means a lot. It’s a welcoming community here!
May 22, 2024 02:41pm

I'm very tickled by how much Spike purrs in these stories. Does he ever purr on the show, or is this a fanon thing?
May 22, 2024 01:59pm

Thank you to the member that nominated me for commenter of the month. You warm my heart. <3
May 21, 2024 09:30pm

all choseny
Thank you to the member who nominated me as artist of the month! I appreciate the nom.
May 21, 2024 06:28pm

Thank you, LovingWilliam!
May 21, 2024 01:29pm

partyHappy birthday to Shipperandfanficer15! May you have a brilliant day start to end with all you most want. May each memory be warm & love-filled. May this year bring joy, success, love, & hope every day.
May 21, 2024 01:02am

party:Happy birthday to Willow25, Zlataslawa, lizardthevampireslayer, SwidoLady & Pavlinka23 ! May you each be the star of the show to everyone your know on your day. May you be richly celebrated & gifted & well loved. May this year bring joy & success daily.
May 20, 2024 05:18pm

@slaymesoftly - Best to you on your trip, hope you have a wonderful time and good luck on your research project, too! We will be happy to see you when you're back and sharing more great stories. Have fun and be safe. heart
May 19, 2024 11:30pm

was taking my laptop with me, which I'm not. I'll work on it when and how I can, but I don't expect to have a completed chapter until we return in mid-June. I apologize for any frustration this causes, but I'd rather have a good chapter to post than a prompt one.
May 19, 2024 06:51pm

This is what I've posted in the Chapt. notes of Forgivenss Doesn't Come Easy. It will be the last chapter for a good long while as I complete some needed research, as well as taking a trip out of the country. I don't expect to have much time to continue working on the next chapter, even if I
May 19, 2024 06:49pm

partyHappy birthday to Meavepagan! May this day bring all joy, love, laughter, gifts, & lavish love. May this year see you content, snuggled with those warm memories and blanketed with that love daily.
May 19, 2024 03:12am

Thanks so much pfeifferpack, violetta, and all choseny!!! hug
May 18, 2024 02:58pm