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A Call from Home by DeamonQueen NC-17
Dawn overhears Giles and Willow talk about a certain vampire, who got resurrected...
All That She Wanted by FoolForSpuffy PG-13
After talking with a mysterious guidance counselor about the events of "Innocence,"...
Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf by Twinkles R
A fairy-tale, of sorts. Response to a challenge by hcconn: Buffy gets her little...
Fantasyland by sweetprincipale NC-17
Willow and Tara are just trying to mend fences when they buy a half dozen cookies...
The Neighbor's Point of View by the_big_bad PG
Agnes and Clifford Butterfield just had a new family move in next door, and...
Home Sweet Home by Desicat PG
 domestic one shots, because my cats are so cute I can only write fluff
Cherry On Top by Maxineeden NC-17
Buffy waited 4 years for Spike to return. Countless hours, days, seconds, she...
Walking Vision by honeygirl51885 PG
Buffy gets ahold of Andrew’s camera.
Like A Feather by Willow25 PG-13
Willow casts a spell to help Buffy fight Glory. Of course, it doesn't go as...
Wraith by simmony R
Grieving the vampire who died to save her sister hits harder than expected—especially...
Random Story
the broken gates of kingdom come by disco-tea R
147 days after her death, a Slayer claws her way out of her coffin and breaks...
juggler (11/30 02:04pm): I'm happy to see The Neighbor's Point of View featured. It is such a great story!
Marshmallow17 (11/30 08:32am): Happy Birthday MaggieLaFey!!!
pfeifferpack (11/30 06:45am): wave Lily Strong HI!!
pfeifferpack (11/30 06:45am): partyHappy birthday to MaggieLaFey! May your birthday be a steamy (in a good way) as your stories. May you be well loved & much gifted. May this year bring you joy, laughter, love & success.
honeygirl51885 (11/30 05:38am): Happy Birthday, MaggieLaFey!! All the best to you! party
Violette-Milka (11/30 01:26am): Joyeux et un très bon anniversaire à MaggieLaFey, j'espère que cette journée sera merveilleuse pour toi, un amour somptueux et chaque cadeaux de tes proches que tu veux le plus et chaque bon vœux sur ce merveilleux fandom, et que tu puise trouvais l'inspiration pour tes histoires merveilleuse
Lily Strong (11/29 10:42pm): hi
Hi Everyone

slaymesoftly (11/29 01:57pm): Sounds like Broken Bridges, definitely.
pfeifferpack (11/28 11:36pm): partyHappy birthday to Lafille84, SpuffyConnoisseur, & xhowthoughtfulx! Best of wishes for a perfect day of celebrating YOU. May you receive every gift important to you, the love of all you most cherish & memories to treasure. May this year see you healthy, accomplished, loved, & happy
sassafrass (11/28 12:06am): @holly that’s it! Thank you SO much!
pfeifferpack (11/27 11:44pm): partyHappy birthday to nepalichik, Sweetbutnutty & Howclay! Wishing you the best of birthdays with every joy, lavish love & every gift you most wanted. May you have a year with love, joy, laughter & success.
Holly (11/27 10:29pm): @sassafrass - Pretty sure that's Broken Bridges by Dusty
sassafrass (11/27 10:18pm): Does anyone remember the fic where Spike comes back but Buffy is living with someone else. He’s an OC and I think he and Buffy are engaged. Buffy and Spike have an affair… the other guy might be a cop. Man, I wish I could remember more.
HebiC (11/27 08:11pm): Welcome back Kathleen! May your recovery be swift and complete!
swonderful (11/27 09:39am): @Julikobold's latest chapter of An Odd Couple of Grumpy Old Brits, Xander mentions that his father shows the signs of addiction withdrawal when the money and booze run out, Buffy looks shocked. and Xander brushes it off. So did Joss & Co. They should have addressed this big teen demon.
the_big_bad (11/27 07:24am): And thank you for the featured story, which I just noticed! Agnes thanks you, too! big grin
the_big_bad (11/27 07:11am): Glad you are feeling better Kathleen, and hope you are fully well soon!
honeygirl51885 (11/26 08:37pm): Wishing you well, pfeifferpack and tragic!!
pfeifferpack (11/26 07:41pm): partyHappy birthday to Pirespike77 & SunnydaleSummers! May this day be an endless and perfect celebration of YOU. May you be cherished, well gifted, & filled with joy. May this year bring blessings & achievement and may your heart be full with love.
pfeifferpack (11/26 07:37pm): Sorry to hear that tragic! Keep getting well yourself.
tragic (11/26 07:09pm): Covid twins! I’m just getting over my second bout of it too!! Hope you’re recovering well pfeifferpack!
pfeifferpack (11/26 06:51pm): Thank you for the love. I love all of you too and I MEAN those words.
pfeifferpack (11/26 06:51pm): Yup repeat. Had COVID before they gave it a name in 19. Am vaxed/boosted so it's not as bad (was 6 weeks 1st time). Lots of exposure and it nailed me around the 10th. 1st test said no, 2nd said yes and my lungs agreed with #2 (& a 3rd test later).
JayeMaru (11/26 05:54pm): I'm especially blessed to have my birthday heralded by pfeifferpack. My day is perfection, now. Thank you! I hope you feel better with each new day. love
Sigyn (11/26 05:31pm): Welcome back, darling Kathleen. We will always miss you without you, but you take care of you. You is most important. Love you so much, I hope you feel much better much soonly!

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Truce Event Wrap-Up

Our Truce event is officially over and I’m here with the stats! (Apologies for the delay in this post going live.)

There were 3 artwork-only works shared, 2 works consisting of both art and words, and 48 traditional (i.e. written) stories, as made via the collaborative effort of:

  • 45 Authors
  • 26 Artists (including banner artists)
  • 28 Beta Readers 

Between them, participating authors wrote 303,667 words during the event, across 118 chapters. A total of 441 members left comments or likes throughout the month of October, of which 264 commented on or liked event stories specifically, and 48 commenters met the requirements for an award. All comments for the event totalled 1,223, and the new stories generated for this event received a total of 2,111 likes. 

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on November 10, 2023 04:26pm 1 Comments
2023 Secret Santa Event Announcement

Here’s the news post you’ve been waiting for: Secret Santa sign-ups are OPEN!

There is a lot of info below, and I recommend taking your time to read it all if you wish to take part, but the short version is this: during December, members who have signed up will give and receive a fic (or artwork!). 

If you’ve never taken part before, or if you need a reminder, here’s how it works: 

As of this post going live, you can fill in a GOOGLE FORM HERE to sign up. 

Everyone who signs up to participate will write one fic or make a piece of art and receive one fic or piece of art. (You can opt out of giving or receiving art in the Google...

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on November 08, 2023 09:02pm 2 Comments
Email Issues October 27

Hi all! We've reached our daily limit again and email notifications will be down for 24 hours. As a reminder, this means no digest, story updates, comment notifications, author response replies, or PM notifications.

We have decided while we implement our longer-term fix, we will be temporarily suspending the daily digest until further notice to try to alleviate the traffic problem through the end of the event. As soon as we have our longer-term fix in place, we will resume sending the digest.

We will keep you informed of any future outages. You can post questions here or send them to elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com, which is not affected by the outage.

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