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Magical Medieval Mystery Tour by bewildered NC-17
Freshly raw from Slayerfest ‘98 and not certain what to do about Angel’s...
Get Out by simmony R
What was supposed to be a fun birthday present for Dawn accidentally pulls Buffy...
Blue Recall by VoronaFiernan NC-17
Magic is fickle, especially when emotions are high. When Willow tries to set...
Never Bet Against the Slayer by JayeMaru PG-13
What starts as a day of bonding and fun with her friends turns into a series...
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May by cawthraven NC-17
Ren faires are supposed to be about gnawing on turkey legs, sipping mead (if...
From a Certain Point Of View... by Saranac Adult Only
Alone in his crypt, it's a trip inside soulless Spike's mind as he fantasizes...
Close to Home by Sigyn NC-17
It’s Homecoming. Buffy is trying to reclaim her place as a popular girl...
Love Lives Here by Passion4Spike NC-17
Spike and Buffy reunite during the battle with the Senior Partners in L.A...
Every Step To That Dance by Miss Marisol R
Oneshot. Takes place during "Hell's Bells" in season six. Tara has a heart-to-heart...
Under the Influence by Hostile17-1996 R
Spike wanted a love spell, and he’d bloody well get one. Should have remembered...
Random Story
Do You Want Milk With That? by Cryptwarmer R
Response to "Love's Cookie" challenge by annamatte. With Valentine's Day round...
pfeifferpack (7/17 04:44pm): partyHappy birthday to Srta Elena & to CrimsonAngel569! Hoping your special day brings you every person, memory, gift & joy you most yearn for. May you enjoy every minute and in the year to come may you have continued love & joy as well as every success.
honeygirl51885 (7/17 02:04pm): Congrats RavenLove12! yay
RavenLove12 (7/17 11:49am): Hey guys! I just wanted to let anyone interested know that The Witch's Gift is officially Finished!!! party
All4Spike (7/17 06:35am): @Tasha: Enjoy! It's lots of fun!
Tasha (7/16 11:56pm): Oooo ... that looks like an amazing story. I'm going to read that one later. I'm glad you were looking for it @All4Spike
Hannora (7/16 05:08pm): @All4Spike: Glad it was the right one. smile
All4Spike (7/16 04:16pm): @Hannora... Yes! Thank you, that's it! squee
Hannora (7/16 03:06pm): @All4Spike:Hi, It sounds like Offers You Can't Refuse by sweetprincipale https://dark-solace.org/...=3597
All4Spike (7/16 02:08pm): Contd: Then confusion reigns when someone tells friend that 'Giles' is there with a pretty young wife (so probably Buffy rather than Dawn) Maybe it's the COW after Buffy? Help?
All4Spike (7/16 02:05pm): Looking for a story - and as always, can't remember title or author. I'm even vague on details. Someone is after Buffy (or possibly Dawn) and Giles has the bright idea of getting Spike to drive her to a friends cabin somewhere that there's lots of big trees...
Chelle (7/15 09:28pm):
Chelle (7/15 09:27pm): Happy birthday, Dusty! You are a giant ray of sunshine! I adore your work!
Kliomuse (7/15 05:07pm): Congratulations @bewildered for finishing the quarantine story! Loved Buffy learning about all the rude words and phrases in Shakespeare! It's a great story.
bewildered (7/15 04:52pm): <3 Thank you guys! I'm so glad you all stuck with me through the Quaranfic madness!
pfeifferpack (7/15 01:26pm): Thank you Bewildered for the most heart stealing OC ever in that fic too. Michael will ever live in my brain.
Holly (7/15 11:47am): Congrats to my beloved @bewildered for finishing her epic. squee
Joan963z (7/15 08:49am): Congatulations Bewildered! I'm so glad you stuck with it. It is a great fic.
honeygirl51885 (7/15 06:34am): Happiest of birthdays to Dusty, Relishmonkey, & dragonwings_703! party
JustMe2 (7/15 03:25am): @Sigyn wa-hoo!! “What Happens in Quarantine” is one of my favourites too. So happy to see bewildered managed to finish it and while doing an entry for mystery month too. :flowers :flowers
Sigyn (7/15 02:50am): “What Happens in Quarantine” is done. I repeat, this is not a drill, bewildered’s exquisite fic “What Happens in Quarentine” is complete! Can we get a wa-hoo.
pfeifferpack (7/15 02:04am): partyHappy birthday to Dusty, Relishmonkey, & dragonwings_703! May the day hold nothing but joy & love and the makings of great memories. May you have a year of blessings.
Tasha (7/15 01:06am): It also says you updated it July 14th. So, you should be good.
Tasha (7/15 01:06am): When I just checked your stories, @EncantedWillow, it showed two chapters
EnchantedWillow (7/14 11:26pm): Congrats @Tasha! I *think* I just posted Chapter 2 as well. Are chapter postings delayed? I know I cut it to the wire and I've never uploaded here before so just want to make sure I did it right. It shows the chapter title under manage stories but the table of contents still says one chapter.
Tasha (7/14 10:00pm): Whoo hoo ... I got the second week's prompt chapter posted as well. I'm already ahead of the last time I tried to follow the prompts in 2022. {laughs}

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Mystery Event Prompt #3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Elysian Fields Mystery Event!

Wellness check. How are you all doing? Mystery Month is a marathon, but we hope you guys (gn) are having as much fun as we are, especially since we’re officially at the halfway point!


  • Only ONE MORE PROMPT be released after this week.
  • The fifth and final prompt is HEA/HFN.
  • Your fic MUST CONCLUDE with five chapters.
  • The end-notes for each chapter MUST INCLUDE the prompt(s) that were answered in the chapter and an excerpt of the prompt being fulfilled.
  • Fics that do not update within the specified timeframe will be removed from the event. This means you have until 11:59 pm EDT on July 14 to add Chapter 2.

Curious to see how the prompts are being addressed? Check out the fics on our Event Page.

And without further ado, the prompts. The random number generator we used plucked a couple more from Avery and Kliomuse, and since...

--Holly and the Mods on July 11, 2024 11:02pm 8 Comments
Mystery Event Prompt #2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Elysian Fields Mystery Event!

Our Mystery Event is well underway! And authors, you still have until 11:59 pm EDT on July 7 to get your fics in if you want to join in the fun. Once the clock strikes midnight, the checkbox to add your fic to the event will be gone.

Curious to see how the prompts are being addressed? Check out the fics on our Event Page.

But we know what you’re really here for, so we won’t take up any more of your time.


  • Spike eats a blooming onion (as suggested by Maxine Eden)
  • Motorcycle ride (as suggested by Kliomuse)
  • Midnight snacks (as suggested by Avery)



--Holly and the Mods on July 05, 2024 12:00am 0 Comments
Mystery Event Kickoff and Prompt #1

IT’S TIME! Are you ready?

We have accumulated a LOT of prompts, y’all. You were amazing and creative. The Mod team reviewed and categorized everything that was submitted! Each week, we’ll release three prompts for you to choose from. You only need to use ONE for your fic to qualify, but if you’re feeling ambitious and want to go for more than one, well, we won’t stop you.

Let the Mystery Begin!


  • Renaissance Faire (as suggested by Inevitablethief)
  • Include Mr. Trick (as suggested by JayeMaru)
  • Spike listens as Buffy Vents (as suggested by a member who wishes to remain anonymous)
Prompt 1

The game is officially afoot, Watson!

How and when do I post my story?

Starting at...

--Holly and the Mods on June 27, 2024 10:26pm 6 Comments