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Toxic by Joan963z R
Dawn would not be deterred. “I wish Spike had a soul instead of that damn...
Celebrating You by DeamonQueen PG-13
Birthdays were just a common day for Spike. At least for himself. He didn't...
Kiss It Better by Maxine Eden NC-17
If we do this.. it’s like a supernatural sort of marriage, right?
Verses in Blood: The Poetry of William "Spike" Pratt by VoronaFiernan R
Spike has died in NFA.  According to his will, drawn up by Wolfram &...
The Neighbor's Point of View by the_big_bad PG
Agnes and Clifford Butterfield just had a new family move in next door, and...
Butterfly Hair by will_ R
When Dawn was littler - say fifteen or sixteen - doing right by her had been...
Lie to Me by In Mortal Adult Only
Buffy is a 24 year old exotic dancer trying to resist her attraction to a man...
What Love Looks Like by DeamonQueen R
Buffy knows that she's interested in Angel. He's hot, sort helps her in her...
Another Dream's Apocalypse by will_ PG-13
“Can you tell me one?” Dawn asked for the first time in years, voice...
Random Story
Her Way by dreamweaver NC-17
After Spike burns up in the Hellmouth, Buffy demands that the Oracles...
pfeifferpack (4/15 10:20pm): partyHappy birthday to eternallyec! May you be cherished and celebrated perfectly with love & gifts and perfect memories. May this year bring joy, love, accomplishment & all need met.
Holly (4/15 03:29pm): Do'h! I was so busy on Friday I forgot. My bad.

the_big_bad (4/15 03:10pm): @Holly, you mentioned posting the link to seasonal Spuffy here, but did I miss it?
pfeifferpack (4/14 11:02pm): partyHappy birthday to grassyandwantingwear! Wishin a day that tics every box for contentment & joy with every person & gift you most want. May you have a year that is your best yet with every need met, joy &success at hand & may you be well loved.
hydranjenna (4/14 01:34pm): Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! https://dark-solace.org/...t.gif
pfeifferpack (4/14 01:16am): You ARE special. Have the very very best
CC414 (4/14 12:30am): OMG pfeifferpack, your bdays wishes always make me feel special! Thanks soooo much! heart love heart love
pfeifferpack (4/13 11:13pm): partyHappy birthday to CC414 & hydranjenna! Hoping your special day is fabulous & you have all you most desire. May every memory be joyous & dear. May this year bring peace, comfort, success, and genuine love every day.
cawthraven (4/13 11:34am): News Post: New Warnings added to site: https://dark-solace.org/...d=279
pfeifferpack (4/13 02:27am): party Happy birthday to PRationality! May this day be one where every memory brings joy & a smile. May you be cherished & well gifted. May this year bring success, contentment, & appreciation for all you are & do every day.
Joan963z (4/12 06:49pm): I believe that is at least 3 stories they have restored recently. Our mods are the Best!
fortes775 (4/12 12:14pm): Thank you for the birthday wishes!
Passion4Spike (4/11 11:14pm): Thank you so much, Holly and DarkVoid116!! So thankful for your hard work and dedication. I know that must be a real pain to do! I appreciate it SO MUCH!! bravo
Holly (4/11 11:11pm): Super Mods @DarkVoid116 and @cawthraven have restored Love Lives Here! Thanks to @Passion4Spike for her patience.
pfeifferpack (4/11 10:04pm): partyHappy birthday to fortes775 & to MissLilie! May all your most cherished wishes be granted, most loved people be near & the day filled with joy & laugher. May this year bring dreams in reach, needs met, contentment & may you be appreciated by all.
Passion4Spike (4/11 02:08pm): Thank you, @florida5200! Fingers crossed the PTB (aka Holy and DarkVoid) can resurrect it.
florida5200 (4/11 12:04pm): Oh I hope you get it back @passion4Spike. I was enjoying love lives here so much
Passion4Spike (4/11 11:04am): Thanks @Joan963z and CC414, all the good vibes and hope are appreciated! Such a pain for Holly and DarkVoid, I'm sure!
Joan963z (4/11 10:08am): passion4Spike So sorry to hear your story disapeared. The same thing happened to me when I tried to delete a duplicate chapter. The Mods got it back. There is hope. Keep the faith.
pfeifferpack (4/10 11:13pm): partyHappy birthday to Emrys92, MusicalSoul3000, & to BewitchedXx! May the day bring every person & gift you most want to you. May you have memories to warm the soul. May this year bring you joy, success, true friendships & love.
slaymesoftly (4/10 09:00pm): And OMG @Passion4Spike! That sounds like something I would do! I hope they can get it back for you.
slaymesoftly (4/10 08:59pm): Thanks for the shout out about SS, Holly. One less for me to do. smile
CC414 (4/10 04:07pm): OMG Passion4Spike!!!! on my way to lightning some candles, Incense and alaigning my crystals to send all good vibes!!!
Passion4Spike (4/10 03:55pm): @Eazyworld -- she and DarkVoid are optimistic, it will just take a couple of days. PHEW!
Eazysworld (4/10 03:40pm): @Passion4Spike OMG I hope Holly can restore it! Such an amazing story!

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Site Time: April 16, 10:12am (-04:00 GMT)
New Warnings and Updated Definitions


In response to suggestions and questions from some of our members, we are adding three new warnings to the archive, for Voyeurism, Sexual Violence, and Torture (Implied). These warnings, like our other warnings, will be mandatory on new content published on the site. We encourage authors and artists to edit their existing works as needed to accommodate these new warnings, especially for works that are in progress. Please email us at elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding these warnings or any others; we are happy to answer questions, clarify language, and review content to see if a warning is appropriate.

Readers are also encouraged to email us if they are reading a story that is missing warnings it should have. We will confirm and work with authors to get the warnings added to fanworks so that we can all use the system to curate our...

--cawthraven and the Mods on April 13, 2024 11:34am 1 Comment
Final Details about April Challenge Month 2024

April Challenge Month is just around the corner, so here are all the details you need to get ready. (If you missed the announcement, see here.)

Once you have picked the challenge you wish to respond to and created your work (either fic or art), you will need to upload at least the first part between 00.00 on April 1st and 23.59 on April 30th site time, which appears under the ShoutBox on EF’s homepage. During the posting window, a tick box will appear on the upload page that, when checked, marks your work as part of the event.

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on March 30, 2024 01:31pm 2 Comments
Crediting for Artists, Beta Readers, and Sensitivity Readers

Hi, EF! We’re excited to announce some brand-new features for the site. As of this writing, we’ve incorporated crediting systems for artists as well as beta and sensitivity readers for our members to better acknowledge all the hard work that goes into creating fanworks.

When a creator posts a fanwork to the site, there is now an option to select the names of any beta readers, sensitivity readers, or artists—whether they are Elysian Fields members or not—who have contributed to the work. For artists, this can be someone who makes banner art, story art such as illustrations, or both. You can credit yourself as an artist, as well.

In order to credit members, start typing their name into the input box (pictured below) until the name you want appears, then click it to add it. (And repeat for additional crediting!) For non-members, type their name(s) exactly as you wish to credit them. In both cases, you can credit multiple persons.

New Story Form with Beta Reader, Sensitivity Reader, and Artist Crediting

Once you’ve...

--cawthraven, DarkVoid116, and the Mods on March 24, 2024 09:54pm 11 Comments