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well I just kind realized that I never put anything here LOL blushbut in my defense I don't look at my bio LOL  and I figure no one will be looking at anyway smilebut if someone for whatever reason wanted to read it or know more about me here you go wink

I live in Arizona but I am from New Mexico heartsand I love Spuffy of course

my Fav character is Spike wink

my least fav character is Dawn

Also I liked the movie and its the reason I watched the show because I wanted to see how they were going to make the campy movie into a TV show and well it was so much better then the movie and what I thought it was going to be I was hooked popcorn though I still like the movie blush

and I am really bad at reviewing I am trying to be better cause I know that people who work hard on their stories want to know that others are enjoying them. but I always feel that I don't have the right words to give a good review and I sometime feel like a end up saying they same thing over and over LOL so yeah I guess I have review anxiety.  and I will never give a mean review NEVER if I don't like a story I don't review it though that is true for stories I do like too sometime LOL. but even if I didn't like the story does not mean other won't it just was not for me and there is no reason to leave a mean or bad review so I will never do that.

To those writer out there may your muse always be there to help you start or finish your stories hug

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