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Near the end of Tabula Rasa before Willow's spell breaks, this scene happens:

Basically, "Randy" decides because he has no desire to hurt/bite "Joan", it must mean he is a vampire with a soul--to which her response is, "A vampire with a soul? Oh my god, how lame is that?"

Where this challenge begins is that when the spell breaks, Buffy doesn't forget or disregard this realization. It's essentially a subconscious kick to the face for Bangel/Angel and how ridiculous the Soul-clause really was, given the nuanced nature of vampires who are not Angelus. I'd love to see Buffy explore and act on this thought, especially in regards to her feelings for Spike. 

Must have:
-Spuffy ending
-A redo of the end of TR (you can keep some moments, but make sure they're fiddled around with enough to not be exactly like canon)

You can title this, of course, whatever you like! Have fun :)

Summary: "I'm a vampire with a soul."
"Oh my God. How lame is that?"
When the spell breaks, Buffy views Spike differently.
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